the  box  junkie

addicted to timber

My Story

theboxjunkie came about after a large assortment of small timber slabs were was acquired . The sizes of the timbers made them unsuitable for furniture making but perfect for making beautiful boxes and other smaller items. The workshop set up process was quick as the machinery was on hand.
 The turn around time to complete a box from sawn timber ready for oiling can be as little as one day for a simple example or up to three days for something a little tricky or intricate.
Each box is finished with a minimum two coats of Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil, a process taking 24-36 hours to dry. Then a coat of wax is added and buffed to a low sheen finish.
theboxjunkie now has a dedicated shop on Etsy as an alternative place to buy beautiful boxes. Please visit here

The Timber

Where possible i like to use species that are not on the endangered list but are exotic enough that you know you are not likely to see your box replicated in design and timber type.

This Maidens Blush or Sloanea Australis, can be found along the East Coast of Australia from Batemans Bay in the South to Cape Tribulation in the North and thrives in wet tropical conditions. This particular log was sourced from Tamborine Mountain.

Maidens Blush has distinctive colouring ranging from light cream and Grey to fiery Orange and Reds and in some cases a sunset scene can appear on certain sections.

At first this timber was identified as Banksia and was labelled as such until the supplier later identified it as Southern Silky Oak or Grevillea Robusta which had been exposed to a fungus or less than ideal growing conditions which caused the discolouration of the grain. Southern Silky Oak is normaally a consistent light Pink when unseasoned and drying to a consistent Tan colour when seasoned.

A typical example of unseasoned Southern Silky oak which is native to the East coast of Australia and thrives in subtropical climates.

Seasoning timber of this dimension can take up to 12 months. The timber must be spaced evenly and kept out of the weather and away from direct sunlight for best results

Floor space is at a premium at 

theboxjunkie HQ so all available space is used for seasoning.

Outdoor seasoning. This lot is ready to be made into something special.

This African Tulip Spathodea campanulata was grown and sourced locally. It is an invasive species and is known to infest disturbed rainforest, where it out-competes native vegetation. It can possess some beautiful swirl grain and is ideal for book matching on box lids. Look for a beautiful African Tulip box coming soon.