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You have come this far so now its time to choose a design and a timber species for your beautiful box.



The designs available are limitless, you can choose one from the gallery by quoting the #, more designs will be added on a regular basis, or you can give a description of what you would like by choosing from the box menu below. Just make a list of the item codes along with any comments and you will receive an obligation free quote. And don't forget the size (length x height x depth) as this determines the base price of your box.


There are five elements to creating a box.

1. The box style.

2. The box type.

3. The lid.

4. The Timber Species.

5. The Hardware.

The Box Menu

1. The Style Style

STFB - Standard 4 sided box with flat base. refer #1016

STBSL - Standard 4 sided box with scolloped sides to form legs. refer #1013

FL - Fabricated legs. refer #1027

MJ - Mitred joins. refer #1013

MJS - Mitred joins and corner splines. refer #1028

BJ - Box joins (corner splines not available with this style) refer #1019

2. The Box Type.

STB - Standard box. refer #1016

DB - Drawer box. refer #1025

PSB - Pen set box. refer #1026

PLB - Pivot lid box. refer #1101

3. The Lid.

LL - Loose lid with a finger lift slot machined into box.

LLTH - Loose lid with timber handle.

HL - Hinged lid.

HLH - Hinged lid with handle.

MML - Mirror lined lid.

4. The Box Lining

Leather in Black, Chocolate or Stone.

Velvet in Black or Cabernet.

Felt in Black.

The above are stock items but if you have a particular colour or fabric preference i will source it for you.

5. The Timber

Timbers currently in stock are as follows,


Silky Oak

Maidens Blush

Figured Silky Oak

Rose Alder

Camphor Laurel

QLD Red Cedar

Queensland Blackwood

Manzanita Birdseye veneer.

African Tulip

Huon Pine  (limited supply)

Tasmanian Musk Veneer


Australian Red Cedar

Surian Cedar  (limited supply)


Sassafras - Black heart veneer

Myrtle Burl veneer

WA lace Sheoak


Fiddleback Tasmanian Blackwood

Norfolk Hibiscus

Other timber species available on application.

Disclaimer: The colour and grain makeup of the boxes in the gallery should not be used as a definitive guide to choosing the species you want for your box. Whilst every effort is made to match the timber for each component of your box it may sometimes be impractical.

5. The Hardware.

Hardware currently stocked is as follows,

BHB - Butterfly hinge in plated Brass.

BHC - Butterfly hinge in plated Chrome.

CSHB - Concealed strap hing in plated Brass.

CSBC - Concealed strap hinge in plated Chrome.

CLASPB - Clasp in plated Brass.

CLASPC - Clasp in plated Chrome.

ENP - Engraved name plate, to order only P.O.A

All boxes are finished with 2 coats of Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil and minimum one coat of furniture wax. 

Hardware choices are not limited to the above. If you have a particular item in mind i will make every effort to source it for you.

Prices do not include postage, which will be calculated upon order.